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New York City Photo Impressions

New York City Photo Impressions

My photos are taken with an iPhone, or in some cases, with an iPad mini. As smartphones and tablets became popular and grew into high technology devices, the quality of the included cameras increased as well. This created new opportunities for everyone, not only for me. I am by far not the only one that is now able to take and present high quality photo art.

While smartphones have the ability to deliver outstanding photos, not everything is possible. At least not yet. I pay tribute to that fact. When I decide to put a photo up for sale, I make sure it is of high quality and leaves a positive impression. Not only on me and you, but also on your visitors and guests when they enter your location, office or home.

New York City is a popular tourist attraction. Not only that, New York City is also on the bucket list of millions of people around the world for a visit. Many will never see this amazing city, but many of them will still carry that secret love for this amazing town. Just because of that, there are millions of different photos out to buy. And, depending on what you are looking for, there is real sensational stuff out there. Before I decided to sell my photos, I wanted to make sure I have something different. I think I got to that point. I have been told that I have developed my own style and I have been called a “smart phone photography pioneer”. I think I did a good enough job to go out into the world and show what I have. And, of course, to sell what I have.

I am thankful for your visit and I appreciate your business. If you have an opinion, please feel free to leave me a message in the comment section or contact me via the contact page.

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