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Shawn Towne

New York City Models is a category showing off the models of the wonderful City. Many are professional models, others are doing it as a second job. What they all have in common, is their passion for modelling. According to statistics, there are about 1,000,000 models in the City and the suburbs of NYC and I won’t be able to introduce all of them to you. So, I focus on those that I know and those I have worked with. Meet Shawn Towne…

In this one day shoot the photos were taken in the Soho Grand Hotel, Soho, the Financial District and Battery Park.

There are many more photos from this shoot in the pipeline, so this post will be updated on a regular basis. Stay tuned and bookmark this page.

Scroll down to learn more about Shawn Towne. Shawn has an awesome story and is an inspiration for men and women alike. Enjoy the journey! Your sharings and comments are appreciated.

Shawn Op 1 

More Of Shawn

Shawn Towne, NYC Models  Op 2 118.4 
Shawn Towne, NYC Models Op 3 113.1 
Shawn Towne, NYC Models  Op 4 898.2 

Congratulations Shawn! “The Face Of Flawless 2015”, Shawn Towne! I am proud to announce that “my” model Shawn Towne was chosen as the face of Flawless by famous designer Camille Flawless. Check out the video and announcement. Stunning!


About Shawn Towne

Shawn Towne is a model located in the Philadelphia area. However, she is currently available for shoots in New York City and Las Vegas. She is not the average model in the late teens or early twenties, Shawn is 47 and has started modeling way in her 40’s. There is a great story attached to her model career and I urge you to have a look at her Model Mayhem profile where you can learn much more about her. The photos you find there will knock you of your chair.

Photographers, marketers and brands interested in shooting with her, please visit the Model Mayhem profile for contact and booking information.  

Shawn Towne, NYC Models Op 5 98.5 
Shawn Towne, NYC Models  Op 6 116.1 


Vitus Feldmann

I am a freelance marketing and business consultant in Brooklyn, NY. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite models are New York City and New Yorkers!

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