New York City Art Photos | Gallery 3 – 8 Photos, Different Locations

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  • Blender c13178363d6e11e3816b22000a9f17df_8
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park a11be1bebee111e2a86422000a1f9839_7
  • Building Manhattan Bridge 8342082321_69d49af4b6_o
  • New York City Photos
    New York City Art Photo
  • Chrysler Building 97cf98bc2b6a11e3809522000ae91436_8
  • Dumbo Manhattan Bridge 602fbe763d6e11e3895a22000a1fc66c_8
  • Empire State Building ee767dd42b6a11e38ab122000ab69130_8

This gallery of colorful New York City art photos contains 8 photos taken at different locations: Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dumbo, Midtown, Empire State Building. For more NYC photos check my galleries.

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Vitus Feldmann

I am a freelance marketing and business consultant in Brooklyn, NY. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite models are New York City and New Yorkers!

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