Exciting People

I meet a lot of people while out in the streets of New York City. Many of them are really exciting people and since I became a photographer I feel the need to take photos of them. So, when I talk to someone or see someone that has that “something special”, I ask to take a photo or invite them to a photo session to one of the beautiful places of New York City.

People featured on this page or category are not professional models, but, in my opinion, no less exciting to photograph. In my opinion, they have that little something you need to express something that tops beauty. I look for expression, character-face, profile, people skills, smile, eyes and other features that make you an exciting person. Keep in mind, just being beautiful doesn’t make a person exciting, nor does being famous or being rich.

Usually I’ll take a series of photos, sometimes a lot of them, and I pick the best and give them “my touch”. Those that sign-up to be photographed will of course get all the original photos as well as the edited photos.

Please visit regularly and see what is new and who joined the collection of exciting people. I will update as fast as I can, but sometimes it takes a little while until new people are featured.

Working on the galleries. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check here

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