Exciting People Of New York City – Renee Leibler

Exciting people of New York City are people of all ways of life. To be exciting one doesn’t have to be famous. There are millions of people out there that are exciting every day by just doing what they need to do. While visiting business and other events, I meet these people and if I find someone is special, I offer to take photos and introduce them to the public. Meet Renee Leibler…

Renee Leibler is a co-founder of MCAlert, a company that provides communities with a cloud-based communications platform for sending text and email alerts with valuable and timely information. MCAlert’s platform was recently used by law enforcement and the secret service at the presidential visit in Connecticut. You don’t need better references! I met Renee at a networking event and she impressed with business savviness and vision on how to take her company to the next level. During the conversation I directly asked Renee if she would be willing to stand model for me:

I don’t know what you think, but considering that Renee never did something like this, she did pretty awesome. We took a good number of photos and many of them turned out really awesome. You can check back regularly and see additional photos of the shoot.

Doing business successfully and dealing with people doesn’t always go hand in hand. Nor does every business leader have the guts and mood to stand in front of the camera. If you want, here is the difference between successful people and successful exciting people. Doing something new on the spot and doing it well right away says a lot about someone.

Renee is an avid runner and horsewoman. She has participated in many half-marathons and will run her first marathon in february in Florida. Renee is also a supporter of “Save The Elephants”, an organization committed to stopping the black market trade of ivory. She will be participating in the first NYC fundraiser for “Save The Elephants”, a 10k run in Central Park on November 22nd.

I don’t know what you think, but I believe you would agree with me, Renee is “Exciting People”. Any comments and messages are appreciated. If you are interested what MCAlert is about, visit the company’s website.

As mentioned above, come back regularly and see updated photos and updated activities and events. If you know exciting people or you believe you are exciting, talk to me!

Vitus Feldmann

I am a freelance marketing and business consultant in Brooklyn, NY. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite models are New York City and New Yorkers!

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