Exciting People Of New York City – Cassandra Droogan

Exciting people of New York City are people of all ways of life. To be exciting one doesn’t have to be famous. There are millions of people out there that are exciting every day by just doing what they need to do. While visiting business and other events, I meet these people and if I find someone is special, I offer to take photos and introduce them to the public. Meet Cassandra Droogan…

Cassandra Droogan is the founder and President of PYSIS (Protect Your Shoes In Style) and I met Cassandra at a networking event. If you look for sunshine in a dark lounge used for a networking event you gotta look at Cassandra. I rarely call other women than my girlfriend “sunshine”, but in this case I have to make an exception. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to describe Cassandra’s personality.

When we had our little chat at the networking event, Cassandra told me what she does: She is the founder and President of PYSIS and is helping women to protect their most valuable asset, their shoes (my statement). This made immediate sense to me, but I still asked her how she is doing it. Rather than explaining this and dragging this post out, just watch the video below:

This went down in under a minute and looks like a pretty cool solution to protect shoes from the upcoming winter weather. What do you think?

During our conversation Cassandra told me she was a banker once. Since I have been a banker myself for over 15 years, I could understand that someone full of entrepreneurial spirit like Cassandra (and myself) wanted to do something else. One thing is for sure, she is in the right industry. And she could easily add modeling to her resume.

Cassandra definitely has something going on for fashion, especially for shoes. For all that have an interest in an outstanding product to protect shoes, check the PYSIS website. If you need further information about the product feel free to drop a comment or contact me. I will be happy to submit your inquiry to Cassandra. Of course you can contact PYSIS direct from their website.

Please come back regularly as I have many other photos of Cassandra and will update this post on a regular basis. If you know any exciting people or you believe you are exciting, please contact me. I am always on the lookout who is doing amazing things. Stay tuned, check back, there are many more to come.

Vitus Feldmann

I am a freelance marketing and business consultant in Brooklyn, NY. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite models are New York City and New Yorkers!

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